4 Tips on How to Easily Increase the Value of Your House

If you think it takes a lot of effort and money to increase the value of your house, think again. With just a few simple things done here and there, your house might increase its value significantly. It doesn’t take much more than a few buckets of paint, perhaps a few friends or family members, and a whole day to get everything done.

In this guide you’ll get 4 easy tips to increase the value of your house significantly.

#1 Clear the Clutter

One of the most important steps is to declutter your house. This is usually done by putting this back in their place, but you should also consider getting rid of some furniture, or items that you don’t use anymore.

If you have a big black couch, it might seem like it takes up much more space than it actually does. Same goes for most dark furniture in general, and you should seriously consider whether you need it or not.

When decluttering your home, it will instantly feel more spacious.

Another great idea is to align all your furniture with the interior walls, so there aren’t any lines crossing each other and confusing your eyes.

#2 Keep it Clean and Tidy

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, the next task is to clean your house properly. You’ll need a good vacuum cleaner for this, and you’ll also need a mop so you can clean all your hard floors thoroughly. If your vacuum is from the previous millenium, you’d probably be well off investing in a new piece of technology. Lots of things happened since then, and new vacuum cleaners are usually more efficient and more hygienic as well. Check out this ranking list to find some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market right now, or search for user ratings on Google or Amazon.

Keeping your house clean and tidy is a routine, and it could look like this:

  1. Vacuum your house quickly every day.
  2. Vacuum your house thoroughly once a week, going under furniture and along all corners and edges.
  3. Mop your floors once a week, after thoroughly vacuuming them.
  4. Go through your storage spaces at least once a month, and get rid of things you don’t use anymore.

If this routine is carried out, you’ll end up having a nice, clean, and tidy house every day.

#3 Brighten It Up

Most houses have an elegant look to them, if they’re dark on the outside. They blend in with the surround nature perfectly, and won’t reflect the sunlight the same way as houses in bright colors do. However, they’ll absorb more of the sunrays, and if you’re in a warm climate, this might not be the greatest idea.

On the inside it’s a completely different story. This is where you want your house to be open and welcoming, with nice bright colors and well lit rooms.

Get rid of all dark wooden panels, and tear down those dark-colored wallpapers. You want all rooms to be nice, welcoming and bright. It will reflect the natural light from your windows better, and your house will appear bigger than it actually is.

This is usually one of the first things a real estate agent notice, and all it costs you is a few buckets of paint.

#4 Take Care of Your Garden

If your house comes with a garden, like most houses do, you should maintain it properly. Mow the lawn frequently, and keep unwanted growth away. Consider decorating your front yard with a few nice plants and flowers, to make it look more welcoming and attractive. Some people like privacy as well, so consider planting a hedge or putting up a fence. A hedge takes a bit more effort to maintain, but it will be well worth it, as it is somewhat self sustainable as long as you cut it from time to time. A fence will only last for a limited period of time.

If you want birds in your garden as well, you could plant a few bushes for them to hide in, and build their nests in. There’s nothing better than waking up to birds chirping and singing in the morning.