5 Handy Tricks to Cleaning Your Keyboard

These days most people use their computers for almost everything, whether its work or leisure, our computers have become an everyday item. One thing to add to your cleaning routine, should be the keyboard. We don’t think about it but this British study has found that our keyboards can be dirtier than a toilet seat when we leave it uncleaned. Now before you go out and invest in a new keyboard, here is a list of cheap and easy ways to clean your keyboard, leaving it looking clean and new again! Bye bye late night crumbs and soda stains!

Disclaimer: Before you start any of these steps make sure to unplug or turn off your keyboard!

#1 Pat it Out!

Turn your keyboard upside down and gently pat out all of the dirt from inside, using different angles. If you’re using a mechanical keyboard and you’re able to remove the key caps, do so and repeat! This should allow you to get the bulk of the dirt out.

#2 Brush it Out!

There are specially designed keyboard brushes made from nylon to help you clean out the muck inside and between the keys on your keyboard. There are lots of cheap options out there, but if spending money isn’t an option to you, you can use household items like a toothbrush or an old baby bottle brush to get that sticky dirt off your key caps!

#3 Blow it Out!

One of my favorite ways to remove dust from electronics is using a can of compressed air! This is an essential for everyone with keyboards or other electronics. Simply insert the tiny straw attachment underneath the keycaps and in the small nooks and crannies of your keyboard for a quick and easy dusting. This method will only blow out dirt and dust, it won’t sanitize the bacteria, so make sure to wipe down your keyboard afterwards, using disinfecting wipes or something similar.

Tip: Repeat step #1 after using the compressed air, as you’ve properly dislodged some dirt from inside the caps.

#4 Use the Goo method

Investing in cleaning gel or cleaning gum could also be an option for you. It often comes in bright colors and the adhesive goo is great for picking up dirt from the little crevices between the keys. This method is hit or miss as some brands have been known to leaving an oily residue behind. So using a pipe cleaner or something similar might be necessary afterwards. Another thing to keep in mind is how dirty the goo gets. You can only use it so many times before it gets nasty to look at, so it’ll need to be replaced often.

#5 Give it a bath!

If you have a keyboard with removable keycaps, the absolute easiest and smartest way to get your keyboard as clean as new, is to remove all the keys and give them a good soak in some soapy water. Once you have removed all the keycaps, fill a bowl with warm water and add dish soap. Submerge the keycaps and if they need it give it a good scrub with a brush. Rinse and leave out to air dry on a dry towel. Make sure they are completely dry before putting back on the keyboard, so you don’t short out your keyboards electronics.

Tip: Make sure you take a picture BEFORE you remove the keycaps so you remember where to put them when it’s time to assemble again!