8 Garbage Can Hacks

Most of us don’t give our garbage cans a second thought. We store it out of sight to keep it out of mind. Everything from emptying the garbage to putting in new bags can be a hassle, but worry not! We have gathered a list of easy DIY hacks for making your garbage can smarter!

Drill holes to prevent suction: Having to wrestle with a full garbage bag is one of the more annoying parts about taking out your garbage, especially when it creates a suction at the bottom. This one-time hack will help you avoid future struggles with the garbage. Drill a few holes on the side of the can, but make sure to drill them a few inches from the bottom to avoid spills and garbage leaks.

Bags at the bottom: This is more of a time saving hack. Leave a small roll of bags at the bottom of your garbage can, for a quick changeover when you empty the can.

Use a bulldog clip: These black clips often used for paper can do many other thing, like keeping your snacks fresh or for this next simple hack: Keeping your trash bags in place! No longer will you have to worry about the bag falling down inside the can when throwing heavier objects in the garbage.

Attach handle for easy pullout: If you store your garbage can inside a cabinet, you can simply add a handle for an easy pullout!

Add wheels: This might be a hack to use if you store your garbage can inside a pantry or closet. Putting wheels on it will make it so much easier to pull out and keep close to you while cooking or cleaning up etc.

Baking soda: Baking soda can help you eliminate any foul odors coming from your trash can. Whether it’s your indoor trash or your outside garbage can, pour a decent amount in the bottom of the bin to fight the smell!

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Secure drawstrings with hooks: This is another way to make sure the bag does not fall into the bin. Attach adhesive hooks on the side of the garbage can, to pull the drawstrings down and hook on for an easy no-slip.

Bag storage on rods: No more need for storing big boxes of garbage bags under your sink. Simply attach a bag roll holder to the inside of your cabinet or wherever you want to store them for an easy pullout. For a DIY version of the holder, click here!