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At we spend hours upon hours, in search of the best vacuum cleaners available on the market. We combine expert reviews with user reviews and make our own detailed analysis of every model, so you don’t have to spend all that time yourself. offers an easy and convenient rating system, with a good overview of most vacuum cleaners available on the market.

Why Vacuum Cleaners?

That’s a good question. Vacuum cleaners aren’t really an exciting thing, which is a bit sad. Everyone owns a vacuum, and is probably using it regularly. But how many think of the vacuum as an everyday tool to improve quality of life?

The vacuum cleaner serves an important role in our everyday life, so why not get the best for your money? This is where the idea of came to life. This is where you will find the best and most detailed reviews and opinions about most vacuum cleaners on the market.

Who Are We? is founded by me, Thomas, a normal guy with a normal home. I own a vacuum cleaner, which I use on a daily basis to keep everything clean.

Besides me, consists of a team of freelance writers and product experts, with a great knowledge and interest in vacuum cleaners and keeping the home clean and fresh.

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