Top 3 Best Corded Stick Vacuums

While the cordless stick vacuums appear to take over the market, there are still a lot of great corded stick vacuums available.

Most of them are very compact and lightweight too, and they have plenty of suction to deal with most tasks around the house. Since they don’t have an expensive battery built in, the price is usually quite reasonable.

We’ve researched the market, and found some of the best corded stick vacuums available.

TL;DR: Find our top picks below:

Shark Rocket HV301 – Best Overall Choice

Dirt Cup Capacity0.11 gallons
Cord Length30 feet
Detachable Hand VacuumYes
Tools StorageExternal
Weight7.6 lbs

Shark is well known for their range of efficient and reasonable priced stick vacuums. This one is no exception of course, and with a 30 foot cord it has a very long reach. You don’t have to worry about organizing the cord though, because it comes with a practical cord reel consisting of a pair of hooks on its right side.

The Shark Rocket HV301 is a lightweight corded vacuum, which we consider the best overall choice. This means it fits most peoples basic needs for everyday use, and with the included attachments you can vacuum everything from the floor to the blinds, crevices, furniture, etc.

This particular corded stick vacuum is very popular among the users, and has thousands of positive reviews online. Most of these reviews are based on its performance and user friendliness, which is generally considered top notch.

All in all, this is one of the best corded stick vacuums out there, at a very reasonable price too.

Hoover LiNX SH20030 – Best Stick Vacuum for Floors

Dirt Cup Capacity0.24 gallons
Cord Length20 feet
Detachable Hand VacuumNo
Tools StorageExternal
Weight9.5 lbs

The Hoover LiNX SH20030 is a hybrid between a corded stick vacuum and a regular upright vacuum, and it has some of the best features from both. One of its most important features from the upright vacuums, is its ability to stand on its own without any support. This means you can easily store it, without having to mount it or leaning it towards anything.

Another great feature is its compact size, which makes it agile enough to go practically anywhere. It goes perfectly underneath furniture, and the power cord is easily stored on a pair of hooks on the vacuum itself.

Most users like its combination of efficiency and design, which makes it a great little stick vacuum for basic cleaning tasks around the house. It is especially recommended for smaller houses, but it handles smaller spot cleaning tasks around a larger house as well.

The Hoover LiNX SH20030 is one of our favorite picks among corded stick vacuums, hence its mention on this buying guide. You should definitely check it out, of you want a user friendly and efficient little vacuum for floor cleaning.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet 81L2A – Best Budget Choice

Dirt Cup Capacity0.25 gallons
Cord Length20 feet
Detachable Hand VacuumNo
Tools StorageExternal
Weight7.5 lbs

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet 81L2A is a very inexpensive corded stick vacuum, especially suitable for hard floors. It has a special floor piece, which is slightly V-shaped towards the middle, to easier pick up large debris and “push” it towards the intake.

This cheap corded stick vacuum is loved by thousands of users, and experts are generally praising it as well. It is said to work particularly well on hard floors, but it is also able to deal with some types of carpets, but probably not the high pile ones.

The canister is see-through, which is normal for this type of vacuums, and we believe it’s a great choice for those with pets, who want a handy little stick vacuum without breaking the bank account.

Are Corded Stick Vacuums Better than Cordless Ones?

Corded stick vacuums are the cheaper alternative to the cordless ditto, and their run time isn’t limited by a small battery.

Some of them are likely to have a bit more power, because they are plugged in, and therefore might be a better choice if you have a lot of carpets.

You should also consider a corded vacuum, if you want a cheaper model. They don’t have to recharge between use, and therefore you don’t have to store them near a poweroutlet, which is the case with cordless vacuums in general.

Cordless stick vacuums are of course a bit more practical, since they offer an easy grab-and-go solution for quick cleaning around the house. Corded vacuums have to have their cord unwinded and plugged in before use.

How to Find the Best Corded Stick Vacuum

You shouldn’t always just pick the first corded stick vacuum you see. There are lot of models available on the market, and they all fit different requirements.

Here’s a list of useful things to consider, before choosing a new corded stick vacuum:


Stick vacuums are generally supposed to be lightweight, but some models are heavier than other. Make sure you pick a light model, if you want your cleaning to be as easy as possible.


The corded stick vacuum should at least come with a crevice tool and an upholstery tool included, besides the regular floor attachment. Some models come with an additional rotating brush tool for upholstery, and some have extra attachments for different floor types as well.

Make sure you choose a model with the accessories you need included in its package, as you’ll otherwise have to spend a considerable amount of money buying them afterwards.

Cord length

The corded stick vacuum only works when plugged in, of course… Different models come with cords in different lengths though, which means some models are more practical than others.

On one hand you don’t want a very long cord, because you need to pack it away after each use, and unwind it before you can start vacuuming.

As a rule of thumb you should choose a vacuum with a cord between 25 and 30 feet.


The more, the merrier. That applies to the corded stick vacuums capacity as well. However, if the dust bin is too large and oddly shaped, it might become an issue if you want to get under furniture.

Remember, most corded stick vacuums are bagless, so it doesn’t really matter how often you have to empty it. Most models are easily emptied into a trash can anyway.

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