How to Store Your Vacuum Cleaner

Having a vacuum is a necessity, but not always a good looking one.

They are big, awkward in shape and size and they need a bit of storage space in order to hide out of sight. Some vacuums even need a base to return to in order to charge, so storage needs to be near an electrical outlet, which most likely won’t be inside a pantry or other places convenient spaces. If you’re in need of some inspiration before deciding on a spot to store your vacuum, here is a list of the most convenient places.

Kitchen: If you have a big pantry or extra closet space inside your kitchen, storing your vacuum here would be super convenient, as lots of messes often happen inside your kitchen. There are many handy options for hanging your vacuum, depending on what kind of vacuum you have. If your vacuum comes with a hose, there are hose hangers you can attach to the side of a cabinet or the walls inside your pantry, to avoid stumbling over a long awkward hose laying around.

Under the stairs: If you have a two story house, it could be a good idea to clear out your old clutter in the space under your stairs, and store your vacuum. Again, attaching some sort of hanging system to the wall of the storage space will give you the best use of space!

Garage: This might not be convenient if your garage isn’t attached to your house. But if it is, the garage will make a perfect place to store your vacuum. If your vacuum comes with a charging base, simply attach it to the wall inside your garage. Since it’s not hanging inside your house, it won’t look out of place.

Laundry Room: If your laundry room space allows for it, storing your vacuum here might be a great idea. Sometimes having all the things used for cleaning in one place, makes more sense than spreading it around your house.

Closet: Now this can be anywhere inside your house. So it’s pretty general. If you’ve run out of any of the above mentioned options, find whatever spare closet you may have and use that for storing that awkwardly shaped appliance. If your vacuum comes with multiple accessories it might be nice to have them all together in a box, in the same closet as your actual vacuum.

In the walls: You heard it! Getting a central vacuum system, means no more dragging a big vacuum cleaner after you and no more having to store it in inconvenient places. Simply hidden inside your walls and baseboards, the central vacuum system is super convenient. You can vacuum using the attachable hose or simply sweep your dirt to the nearest VacPan.