How to Vacuum Under Furniture

The “out of sight out of mind” theory doesn’t work if you are a person who suffers from allergies! Cleaning under beds, couches and other large furniture can be an important step in keeping your house free of dust and other allergens! Most beds and sofas can’t be easily moved, so here is a list of ways to help you clean under your furniture.

Best equipment for reaching difficult places: It’s good to start off with your vacuum. For obvious reasons you will need a vacuum with a longer and more narrow attachment to be able to reach underneath your furniture. If you don’t have one that fits, look online and see if you can find an attachment that fits your vacuum. If you have a stick or cordless vacuum, it will be a lot easier to maneuver than other traditional vacuums. Another option is an extra slim robot vacuum like this one! It’s slim enough to fit underneath most beds and furniture AND it will do your work for you, super easy!

Most regular vacuums, e.g. canister vacuums and upright vacuums, have the needed attachments included as standard. Some brands have additional attachments for a variety of tasks, including vacuuming under or behind furniture.

If you have tiles, wooden or laminate floors you can also use an extension duster, especially if you don’t own or can afford any of the above mentioned vacuums. Simply get down on your knees with the duster and start cleaning out underneath your furniture. Make sure you get a microfiber one so the dust will stick to it, otherwise you’re just moving the dirt around! This method requires a bit more effort and will only work on non-carpeted surfaces. If you have carpets you will need a vacuum to get the dust deep within the fibers!

An even cheaper version that will work on carpets is the Bissell Sturdy Sweep Sweeper simply push it underneath and pull back and it will pick up crumbs, hair and other larger dirt. It lacks the suction that is needed to remove dust, so it’s not going to replace having to vacuum.

How often should I vacuum underneath furniture? This will depend on various factors such as allergies and if you have any pets etc. Now if you have invested in a robot vacuum, I would do it every week, since it does the work for you. Otherwise once or twice a month should be fine. If you do have allergies and/or pets in the house that shed, I would do it weekly.