How to Vacuum Your Car

There are many benefits to keeping your car clutter free and clean. Not only does it reduce stress to be in a less cluttered environment, it will also keep the car’s value up, when it’s time for a resale. There are a few steps you can take towards keeping your car clean, and by doing so you will limit the amount of times you will have to vacuum and deep clean it. One thing you can do is to only keep the personal belongings you will actually need in the car, limiting the amount of clutter to build up. Another thing is to keep a small bag in the car for pieces of trash like receipts or wrapping papers, rather than throwing it on the floor or back seat. That way you can just take out your car trash when the bag is full. Having a diffuser in your car can also be a nice and easy way to keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

Before getting started

Before you start vacuuming the car, you’ll need to remove all personal items and/or large pieces of trash that could clog up the vacuum. Once that is done, take out the mats and shake them for buildup dust and dirt. You can vacuum them last since they won’t go back inside the car until you’re completely done cleaning the inside. Having all the equipment you will need ready, will make the cleaning process much easier. Open all doors to create ventilation, airing out stale air and/or any musty odors.

Getting started with the vacuum

Start by using a wider attachment to vacuum the carpet inside the car, cleaning the driver’s side first since that is most likely going to have the biggest dirt buildup. Suck any and all dirt and dust from the carpet, going over each area twice to get as much dirt as possible. Having all doors open will allow you to easily getting the vacuum through the different sides. Using a handheld cordless vacuum is highly recommended for a job like this! However, a powerful bagged canister vacuum cleaner OR a bagless canister vacuum cleaner is useful as well.

Vacuum all carpets inside the car both front and back seats and the trunk. Using an attachment with a brush can help loosen the dirt hidden in the fibers. Once this is done you can change to a narrow attachment for all corners and crevices inside the vehicle. Using a narrow tool for this will allow you to get dirt in harder places to clean such as the cup holders, between the seats, the vents and along the seams. Using a dusting spray can also be super helpful getting into crevices where a vacuum can’t reach!

Cleaning your seats

Most car seats are made from either fabric or from real or synthetic leather.  The smooth leather surface makes them easy to vacuum and you can use wipes made specifically for your kind of seats. If your car seats are made from fabric, they will accumulate more dust than leather seats, so make sure you go over each seat twice to get the most amount of dust out. For fabric seats, use a brushless multipurpose attachment. For leather, seats use a brush attachment or a multipurpose one as long as it has a brush. The brush bristles will prevent scratches on the leather.

Vacuuming your car’s interior trim

Another important step is vacuuming your car’s interior trim. Make sure you use an attachment with a brush to prevent any scratches or marks on your car’s trim. Vacuum all the tight areas like the dashboard, the shifter area and the console to make sure you get all hidden dust and dirt from the little crevices.

Last finishing touches

Now is the time to vacuum your mats. After shaking them, simply put them on the ground or any clean and dry surface and vacuum them like you vacuumed the carpets of your car. Make sure you go over each area twice to really get into the fabric. Using a brush can help loosen any dirt that may be stuck in the fibers as well. Once they’re clean simply put them back inside your car, leaving you with only one last task. Now that you’re done with all the vacuuming, go over all inside areas with interior car cleaning wipes to make everything look and smell fresh and clean.

Fun fact: Washing or vacuuming your car burns up to 150 calories! So instead of dropping your car off at the car wash or a car detailing place, do it yourself and burn calories while doing so!