Most Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t you just hate it, when your upright vacuum isn’t powerful enough to pick up stubborn hair? Or you have to go over the same dirty area again and again, to get it properly clean? Those are some of the many consequences of a vacuum with insufficient suction, which is a common issue seen in lots of different models.

Our team has been working hard to find the most powerful upright vacuum cleaners out there, and this article will give you the answers you’re looking for.

TL;DR: Based on our research, these are the most powerful upright vacuums on the market:

How’s One Upright Vacuum More Powerful Than Others?

Usually you can measure the airflow in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), to get an idea of how powerful a vacuum is. However, that’s not really a useful parameter in real life. You have to consider the range of attachments as well, and if you have carpets you need to make sure it works properly there too. Some vacuums pick up pet hair very well, while others don’t. That’s all part of the equation too, and that’s why you should choose carefully, rather than blindly trusting what you’re told by someone wanting to sell you something.

There’s no easy way to determine whether a specific vacuum is the most powerful model er not, besides testing it in your own home. However, you’ll probably get a very good indication of its performance, if you go through a large amount of user- and expert reviews, to get a picture of how well it performs and what people think of it.

What we’ve done in this article, is reading through a large amount of reviews, gather information from manufacturers, and consult the experts to find out which upright vacuum cleaners are considered the most powerful models by the majority of people.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

Dirt Cup Capacity0.55 gallons
Power RatingN/A
Cord Length31 feet
Automatic Cord RewindNo
Detachable CanisterNo
Tools StorageOnboard
Weight15.6 lbs

Here’s the thing about Dyson: You either love them, or hate them. But according to thousands of reviews, you won’t go wrong by choosing their vacuums over other brands.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is loved by a very large amount of users for its powerful suction, and some even call it the most powerful upright vacuum they’ve ever tried.

One great thing about Dyson vacuums are their ability to maintain their suction. This is due to the airflow, which is constantly whirling dust and debris around inside the canister, to keep the suction as powerful as possible.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is probably one of the best choices, if you’re seeking a powerful upright vacuum with lots of attachments included, and the ability to further upgrade with new accessories as you like.

Bissell CleanView 9595A

Dirt Cup Capacity0.58 gallons
Power Rating12 amps
Cord Length25 feet
Automatic Cord RewindNo
Detachable CanisterNo
Tools StorageOnboard
Weight15 lbs

Thousands upon thousands of users agree: This is one of the best and most powerful upright vacuums, yet still affordable enough for most people. Bissell is a well established and well known brand as well, so this is probably one of the best buys right now.

Bissell CleanView 9595A is versatile and powerful enough for many different surface types, which makes it a sensible choice for homes with both carpeted areas and hard floors.

While it is considered a budget vacuum, it comes with a nice set of features. It has a beater bar which adds an extra layer of power when vacuuming carpets, and the TurboBrush tool along with the detachable hose makes for a great solution when vacuuming furniture, stairs, etc.

All in all, the Bissell CleanView 9595A is the best budget choice for those seeking a powerful upright vacuum at a reasonable cost.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus UH70120

Dirt Cup Capacity0.66 gallons
Power Rating12 amps
Cord Length27 feet
Automatic Cord RewindYes
Detachable CanisterNo
Tools StorageOnboard
Weight16.5 lbs

If you’d like a few extra useful features, yet still want it at a reasonable cost, you should definitely consider the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus UH70120.

Rumor has it that its list of features is as long as its name, which is probably true. One of the most important features is the cord rewind, which automatically retracts the cord after use. This marks the end of tangled power cords, as it always rolls up perfectly after each use.

This upright vacuum is loved by thousands of users and experts too. The majority praise it for being very powerful, and efficient on many different surface types. Some users are even surprised by the amount of dirt it picks up from carpets, compared with their older vacuums.

So if you want a powerful upright vacuum with a few extra features, this Hoover is the way to go.

Busting the Myth: Do More Amps Mean More Power?

You shouldn’t be fooled by the vacuums energy consumption, as it doesn’t really indicate how powerful it is.

Some companies like to highlight the amount of amps the vacuum consumes while it’s powered on, but this doesn’t indicate anything.

A proper airflow and tight seals around attachments are more important than power consumption, and this is only tested by actually using the vacuum for everyday tasks.

Should You Get a Bagged or Bagless Upright Vacuum?

While bagged vacuums usually have more efficient filters and are less noisy, they tend to lose suction when bags reach a certain capacity. Add the higher running costs to the equation, and the choice seems obvious: Bagless upright vacuums are preferred by most people, because of the dust bin which is easily emptied into the garbage can.

It is also worth mentioning that you can actually get bagless upright vacuums with very efficient filtration, but most vacuum bags work as an extra filter due to the nature of air having to flow through it.

Are Upright Vacuums More Powerful than Canister Vacuums?

This isn’t always the case, but since most upright vacuums have fewer connecting points, they will most likely have a better suction than canister vacuums.

But again: The quality and performance of the attachments determine how powerful and practical it really is.

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