Bissell PowerFresh Slim Heavy Duty 2075A

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Bissell PowerFresh Slim Heavy Duty 2075A is ranked number 7 of 14 Steam Mops


Water Tank Capacity12 oz
Pad MaterialMicrofiber
Cord Length25 ft
Detachable Hand UnitYes
Weight6.4 lbs


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Bissell PowerFresh Slim Heavy Duty 2075A:

5 reasons to buy

  • The Bissell PowerFresh Slim Heavy Duty features not only a detachable hand unit, but also a detachable mop head so you can use it for multiple purposes around the house.
  • Because of the design it is able to reach under furniture because the water tank and everything else is placed near the handle.
  • The steam mop comes apart easily, which makes it easy to use for various tasks while cleaning the house.
  • The power cord seems to be in a sturdy quality, so it won’t break easily.
  • It works well on various surfaces, and does a great job cleaning the floors thoroughly.

5 reasons not to buy

  • It might feel heavy for some users, because everything is placed near the handle instead of being near the ground.
  • There’s no easy way to store the cord, so you’ll have to hold it to the side with one hand, so you you won’t stumble over it.
  • Some buyers also found it inconvenient that they have to keep pressing the trigger to produce steam, while at the same time carrying the steam mop.
  • The amount of steam produced by this mop is disappointing to some users, who thought their old steam mops produced more steam.
  • According to some buyers, the water tank empties quite fast during use, and some couldn’t even use it for more than 10 minutes before having to refill it.


The Bissell PowerFresh Slim Heavy Duty isn’t among the cheapest steam mops out there, and despite its low weight of just 6.4 pounds, people seem split between either loving the design or hating it. Its design resembles the one of stick vacuums, where the dust container and motor is located near the handle. Some users find this design heavy and difficult to handle, while others love it and think it’s easy to maneuver. However, it is designed as such in order to take it apart easily, and transform it into a small handheld unit that can be used for cleaning everything from shelves to drapes and cabinets. So despite its mixed reviews, we think you should consider this steam mop if you need a versatile model that is capable of cleaning more than just your floors.

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