DeWalt DCV581H

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DeWalt DCV581H is ranked number 9 of 27 Wet/Dry Vacuums


Tank Capacity2 gal
Cord Length5 ft
Accessory StorageOnboard
Weight10.8 lbs
Product Height17.2 in
Product Length12.3 in
Product Width13.1 in


Expert Reviews

73% based on 2 experts
  • 62 / 100 by TopTenReviews

    TopTenReviews gave a total score of 62.

  • 84 / 100 by Pro Tool Reviews

    Pro Tool Reviews gave a total score of 84.


During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of DeWalt DCV581H:

5 reasons to buy

  • A lot of users agree that this portable wet/dry vacuum is very convenient to work with.
  • Users also think it has a very clever design, which makes it ergonomic and easy to use.
  • The vacuum can be used with either batteries or cord (batteries sold separately), so you’ll avoid the risk of running out of power while on a job site.
  • Due to the way it’s designed, the hose and attachments are easily stored on the outside of the canister, so you can carry everything with just one hand.
  • It is said by multiple users to be quite tough, which is a plus if used on a busy job site.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Although many users think the vacuum is convenient to work with, some of them think it lacks a bit of power.
  • Some users think the hose is too short, making it hard to reach anywhere without carrying the vacuum itself with you all the time.
  • A few users had issues with the battery connector not working after a period of time, leaving them with the power cord as the only power source.
  • As users point out, the vacuum doesn’t have a long run time when connected to a battery, and some had only a 5-10 minutes before it started slowing down.
  • A few buyers miss a shoulder strap, as its only option of carriage is to use the handle on top of the vacuum itself.


The DeWalt DCV581H is a compact, portable and convenient wet/dry vacuum for those in need of a quick solution for busy job sites. It is said to work well in most areas, but with less power than larger models. However, it is powerful enough to pick up most types of dust and dirt, so it is likely to suffice when used for light cleaning tasks. The design is well though of, as it is easy to wrap the hose and store the attachments on the canister itself. The handle makes it easy to carry the vacuum, and the vacuum is also said to be tough and durable. Some users miss a longer hose and a better battery run time, but the possibility to plug it in makes more or less up for this. It could have a shoulder strap for easier carrying, but most users seem to like it anyway. All in all, this portable vacuum is a great purchase for those in need of a handy little machine for easy transportation.

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