Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40120

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Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40120 is ranked number 18 of 34 Bagless Canister Vacuums


Dirt Cup Capacity0.16 gal
Power Rating8 amps
Cord Length16 ft
Accessory StorageExternal
Weight10.14 lbs
Product Height12 in
Product Length14 in
Product Width9.25 in


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40120:

5 reasons to buy

  • Most buyers agree that this bagless canister vacuum offers great value at a very low price.
  • Some buyers think this vacuums power and suction compares with more expensive models.
  • Several buyers agree that it works well on most surfaces.
  • Most buyers agree that this vacuum is extremely lightweight, and therefore easy to handle as well.
  • Being a cheap vacuum, it is a great choice as a supplementary vacuum for spot cleaning in a larger home.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The cord retraction mechanism wasn’t powerful enough, and according to several users they had to manually push the cord back after use.
  • Several users think the noise level of this vacuum is rather high.
  • Some users experiences the cord retracting by itself during use, making it pull it self from the wall outlet.
  • Some users thought the cord is too short, making it impractical for vacuuming of larger areas.
  • While the vacuum is really light, some users thought it was actually too light, as it would flip over if pulled around corners too quickly.


The Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40120 vacuum is a great and cheap alternative to other more expensive ones, as it works well according to most buyers. It has enough suction to work on several types of surfaces, and several users even thought it could compare with more expensive models. It is extremely lightweight as well, and therefore very easy to handle. However, despite these positive things, the vacuum seems to have a few serious flaws as well. The cord retraction mechanimsm is not powerful enough to retract the cord by itself, and sometimes it will just slowly retract the cord while the vacuum is plugged into the wall. The light weight and compact size also means that this vacuum is easy to pull around corners, but it will flip over just as easy, which some users found annoying. All in all it’s a great purchase for small homes or as a supplement to a bigger main vacuum, as it works great for spot cleaning as well.

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