Eureka AirExcel NLS 990A

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    Eureka AirExcel NLS 990A is ranked number 14 of 34 Bagless Canister Vacuums


    Dirt Cup Capacity-- gal
    Power Rating9 amps
    Cord Length16.5 ft
    Accessory StorageExternal
    Weight8 lbs
    Product Height10 in
    Product Length14 in
    Product Width13 in


    During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Eureka AirExcel NLS 990A:

    5 reasons to buy Eureka AirExcel NLS 990A

    • Buyers agree that this vacuum is great for hard floors.
    • The vacuum has a detachable canister, which is easily emptied over the garbage can. Most users agreed that this is a neat feature.
    • The vacuum has great suction, making it able to pick up most kinds of dirt and dust.
    • Most buyers also agreed that the vacuum glides easily over hard floors of any kind.
    • Buyers liked that this vacuum is very lightweight, as it is easy to handle.

    5 reasons not to buy Eureka AirExcel NLS 990A

    • Some buyers think the materials appear cheap and somehow flimsy.
    • The design of the vacuum is a bit fragile, and according to some users it might not handle small drops or bumps very well.
    • Some users think this vacuum needs high maintenance, as the filters need to be cleaned and replaced often.
    • The vacuum doesn’t have a powerhead, and doesn’t work well on carpets.
    • A few buyers sensed an odor of burning plastic after using it multiple times, making them worried if somewas was melting inside the motor.


    The Eureka AirExcel NLS 990 receives mixed reviews, but overall it seems to work well and is quite popular with most consumers. It works great on hard floors, and has a cleverly engineered detachable canister, which is easily emptied over a garbage can. It picks up dirt and dust easily on most hard floors, and is lightweight as well. However, the overall build quality seems cheap and some parts might be fragile and break over time. A few users thought the filters took to much maintenance, and it doesn’t have any powerhead for carpets. According to a few users, it has a smell of burning plastic after using it numerous times, which worried them. All in all, this is a handy little vacuum cleaner for hard floors, however, it is adviced to read all reviews carefully if you consider purchasing this model. It might be a great purchase if it’s on sale, but there might as well be better options out there.

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