Hoover LiNX Signature BH50020PC

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Hoover LiNX Signature BH50020PC is ranked number 34 of 36 Stick Vacuums


Dust Cup Capacity-- gal
Cord Length-- ft
Battery TypeLi-Ion
Removable BatteryYes
Max. Battery Run Time20 mins
Detachable Hand VacuumNo
Height43.5 in
Weight7.3 lbs


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Hoover LiNX Signature BH50020PC:

5 reasons to buy

  • Most users agree that this stick vacuum is easy to maneuver and quite lightweight as well.
  • It is said by several buyers, that it works well on both hard floors and some carpets, as it easily picks up most types of dirt and hair.
  • Purchasers think it offers good value at a reasonable price, as it does the job well without too big of a hassle.
  • Due to its design, it is actually able to stand in an upright position with no support. This is a rare feature in most stick vacuums, making it a great purchase for those who need to interrupt the vacuuming from time to time, e.g. for moving a furniture, removing a carpet, or similar.
  • According to several buyers, it works well on hard floors, and does a decent job on some carpets as well.

5 reasons not to buy

  • While this is a cordless stick vacuum, it comes with a battery. However, according to some users, the run time is quite low. As a result of that, you might not be able to reach all areas of your home, before it runs out of power and needs a recharge.
  • The vacuum might not be up for the challenge on some types of carpets, especially not high- or medium pile carpets, as it is simply not powerful enough.
  • Some users think the dust bin capacity is too low, meaning it has to be emptied frequently in order to keep the suction power up.
  • Some users also mentioned the filter needs to be washed from time to time, but due to its design, it takes a long time to dry, which means you’ll have to give it at least one full day before it is dry and ready to use.
  • Having the dust bin placed right on top of the floor head, makes it unable to get under furniture with a low vertical clearance. According to some users, this is rather impractical, as the purpose of a stick vacuum usually is to do this type of spot cleaning around the house.


The Hoover LiNX Signature BH50020PC is a cordless stick vacuum, and accordring to most users the price is quite reasonable for what you get. It is said by several users to be easily maneuverable, and it is light enough to carry around the house without breaking a sweat. It works especially well on hard floors, but it might also work for most types of carpets as well. Its design offers both advantages and disadvantages, with one of the biggest advantages being its ability to stand in an upright position with no support, and one of the biggest disadvantages being its dust bin located right on top of the floor head, making it unable to get under some furniture. The battery is also said to be relatively small, only allowing a short time of use before it needs to recharge. To sum things up, this stick vacuum seems to be quite popular among most users, and it might be a great choice for those in search of a handy, rather cheap and easy to use stick vacuum for a small house, apartment, dorm room or similar. It would also be a great choice for those in need of frequent spot cleaning around a bigger house.

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