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ILIFE A7 is ranked number 31 of 80 Robot Vacuums


Dust Bin Capacity0.16 gal
Battery TypeLi-Ion
Run Time (Appx.)120 min
Recharging Time (Appx.)300 min
ConnectivityApp / Remote Control
Works With--
Weight5.5 lbs
Width13 in
Height3 in


Expert Reviews

77% based on 4 experts
  • 60 / 100 by TechRadar

    TechRadar gave a total score of 60.

  • 60 / 100 by Digital Trends

    Digital Trends gave a total score of 60.

  • 100 / 100 by MakeUseOf

    MakeUseOf gave a total score of 100.

  • 87 / 100 by ModernCastle

    ModernCastle gave the ILIFE A7 a total score of 87.


During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of ILIFE A7:

5 reasons to buy

  • Many purchasers mention how easy the vacuum is to set up.
  • The machine is said to have a variety of modes.
  • A lot of reviews mention that both the remote control and the app work great.
  • Most buyers like how high-end the product looks, and the great quality of its construction.
  • The vacuum is remarked to be very quiet.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Several purchasers criticize it for having a small battery life.
  • The machine’s connection with the Wi-Fi is said to occasionally disconnect.
  • Some buyers report that the vacuum can have trouble finding its charging station.
  • A few reviews criticize the machine for forgetting the time and mapping every time it turns off.
  • The vacuum cannot create “invisible walls” to prevent falling off higher floors.


The ILIFE A7 receives extremely good reviews from purchasers. Many like how well the remote control and app work, and how easy the vacuum is to set up. Most buyers additionally praise the high-quality construction, the quiet noise level, and wide variety of modes. Unfortunately, some buyers criticize the vacuum for having a small battery life and occasionally disconnecting from the W-Fi. Other dislikes include how the machine forgets its previous maps every time it shuts off, and cannot set “invisible walls” to prevent it from falling down stairs. Thankfully, with far more good reviews than bad, the A7 is an extremely good purchase, especially at its great price.

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