Makita XLC02RB1W

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Makita XLC02RB1W is ranked number 16 of 27 Wet/Dry Vacuums


Tank Capacity0.16 gal
Cord Length-- ft
Accessory StorageOnboard
Weight2.7 lbs
Product Height8.2 in
Product Length23.5 in
Product Width5.8 in


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Makita XLC02RB1W:

5 reasons to buy

  • One of the key selling points of this wet/dry vacuum is its compact design, which makes it both light and easy to handle.
  • While the opinions about its suction are divided, most people agree that its suction is powerful enough for most purposes.
  • With the detachable wand, it works as a small hand vacuum too, which makes it useful for vacuuming cars as well as other tight spaces.
  • The crevice tool is attached to the wand, making it possible to always grab it and use it whenever needed.
  • Some users think the on/off switch is annoying, as it needs to be held down in order for the vacuum to remain on.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The vacuum doesn’t include a battery, which on its own is quite expensive. For this reason, the vacuum is probably best suitable for those who own other Makita tools, and have the proper batteries already.
  • Some users think the filter requires frequent maintenance, which can be a time consuming task depending on the materials sucked up.
  • Although it’s suitable for vacuuming in a car, there aren’t any tools included for this purpose, expect for the standard crevice tool.
  • Some buyers think the vacuum is cheaply made, due to the plastic design.
  • The dirt bin is designed so it isn’t easy to see whether it’s locked properly into place or not, as it doesn’t have a visible locking mechanism or indicator. However, some users said to have fixed this by simply using a permanent marker, to add an indicator to the vacuum.


The Makita XLC02RB1W is not a full blooded shop vacuum like other models, in return it comes in a very compact design, which is easy to handle for spot cleaning and vacuuming of small areas at a time. It is battery powered, and there is no option to plug it in during use, so you’ll have to rely on rechargeable batteries from Makita, in order to make it work. This is why it’s probably most suitable for those who already have Makita batteries, as these batteries are quite expensive on their own. Although it’s battery powered, most users agree that it’s powerful enough for most purposes around the house. It also has a useful clip located on its wand for the crevice tool, so it’s always nearby when needed. Some users had issues with the dust bin falling off due to the lack of a visible locking mechanism or indicator, so you won’t know if the dust bin is properly secured or not. Some people solved this easily by applying an indicator with a permanent marker. All in all, the vacuum mainly receives positive reviews, and it is particularly recommended for those in search of a simple, compact yet powerful stick vacuum for both wet and dry use.

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