Miele Blizzard CX1 TurboTeam PowerLine SKCE0

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Miele Blizzard CX1 TurboTeam PowerLine SKCE0 is ranked number 26 of 34 Bagless Canister Vacuums


Dirt Cup Capacity0.53 gal
Power Rating-- amps
Cord Length21.8 ft
Accessory StorageIntegrated
Weight19.2 lbs
Product Height12.2 in
Product Length20.3 in
Product Width-- in


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Miele Blizzard CX1 TurboTeam PowerLine SKCE0:

5 reasons to buy

  • Most buyers are thrilled with this vacuum, as it is both quiet and very powerful.
  • Buyers also love the dust bin, which is easily emptied over a garbage can.
  • The vacuum is also considered lightweight by most users, making it easy to carry around and handle on a daily basis.
  • Users praise the modern design and overall user experience, giving the vacuum a premium look and feel.
  • Buyers are generally amazed by how much dust, hair, and dirt this vacuum picks up.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some users were a little disappointed with the vacuum hose being a little short.
  • A few buyers thought this vacuum was too expensive for what it is.
  • Some buyers thought the built-in dustbrush was a bit difficult to use, and therefore caused inconvenience.
  • A few buyers noticed a whistling sound while the vacuum is on, which caused annoyance.
  • While most users agree that the dirt cup is indeed handy, it needs to be closed carefully every time, so it doesn’t come apart by itself.


The Miele Blizzard CX1 TurboTeam PowerLine SKCE0 is indeed a premium vacuum at a premium price. In general it receives great reviews, and most users are dazzled by its powerful suction and low noiselevel. Buyers also love hot easy the dust bin is to empty, but some point out that its lid must be closed carefully to ensure it doesn’t open by accident while lifted out of the vacuum. It picks up a lot of dust, dirt, and hair, and most buyers think it is very efficient and easy to use. However, some buyers found the hose a bit short, and some thought it was just too expensive for what it is. That being said, this is indeed a really good vacuum, and it is a great choice for those with higher demands than the average household.

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