MooSoo XL-618B

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MooSoo XL-618B is ranked number 15 of 36 Stick Vacuums


Dust Cup Capacity0.32 gal
Cord Length-- ft
Battery TypeLi-Ion
Removable BatteryYes
Max. Battery Run Time30 mins
Detachable Hand VacuumYes
Height49 in
Weight3.5 lbs


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of MooSoo XL-618B:

5 reasons to buy

  • Several users think that this stick vacuum’s most important feature is the interchangeable battery, meaning it can easily be replaced so you can continue vacuuming right away.
  • It is by many users regarded as a great and budget friendly alternative to the more expensive Dyson stick vacuums.
  • A few buyers thought the LED lights on the floor head come in handy, while vacuuming dark areas where dust is likely to build up over time.
  • The user friendliness of this vacuum seems remarkable, according to several buyers that praise it for being both ergonomic and comfortable. Features like one touch on/off power button, a large dust bin and big wheels make it easy to handle on a daily basis.
  • The accompanying attachments are considered of a high quality, and along with the replaceable battery the life span of this vacuum might be longer than other models.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Being a cheap stick vacuum, the build quality is not as great as more expensive alternatives, making it feel more like a budget product with a few gimmicks, rather than a high end product.
  • The motor is as noisy as it is powerful, which might cause some nuisance when being used.
  • While most stick vacuums have a few different settings to adjust the suction power, MooSoo XL-618B has only one fixed setting, meaning you can’t put it in a energy saving mode, nor a max power mode.
  • Some users thought the filters were difficult to clean, and require frequent maintenance to stay effective.
  • While most users are happy with the suction, some mention that it is not as powerful as other vacuums, and it is not always able to pick up larger pieces of dirt.


MooSoo XL-618B features an interchangeable battery, which might be one of its most important advantages compared to those with a non-removable battery. Having the ability to change the battery extends the run time significantly, and you’ll probably never have to interrupt the cleaning due to an empty battery, as long as you keep your spare batteries fully charged all the time. The vacuum is said by several buyers to be a budget friendly version of more expensive brands, and it has several features that make it more practical in use. It comes with some useful attachments as well, making it a versatile vacuum as well. While most users are quite positive about this vacuum, there are some negative opinions as well. Some users found the overall build quality a bit disappointing, and thought it wasn’t as powerful as it should be. It comes with only one power setting, where many other models are adjustable. It can be a bit time consuming to keep the filter clean, as dust and other things quickly builds up around it. All in all, this stick vacuum might be one of the better choices out there, especially as a complete solution for a small apartment, dorm room or similar.

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3 thoughts on “MooSoo XL-618B

  1. Moosoo vac A+This vac is very good value for what it does, had it for over a year now, it’s quite powerful, picks up anything and everything on the floor, pet hair-no problem, this little moosoo vac is a champ. Initially Battery charge needs about 4hrs and you’ll get 20-30 minutes or so of sufficient power suction so recharging really is only needed once a month. A year later Im chasing to have a swap out battery as the existing on a 4hr charge I get around 15-20 or min or so before it dies but it’s still a great vacuum. Definitely recommend.
  2. MooSoo XL-618BDo not recommend it to anyone, it is a simple little motor that stops with anything, two days after using it, it make a lot of noise that is impossible to tolerate, simply because a tiny piece of sanitary paper went into the suction pump, if you look inside as I lock you don't bye, DON'T BUY IT. IT'S A CRAPT!
  3. for price, can't beat itfor the price on Amazon, it is hard to beat this vacuum for light vacuuming tasks. Still use a big corded machine for monthly whole house cleaning, but for day-to-day pickup of dropped material, this is hard to beat. PROS: very light weight. easy to clean canister once you know how. battery lasts 20 min max. lights on brushed floor clearner really helps out, low cost CONS: too easy to accidently hit power button while cleaning. I have a fix for this on Amazon reviews. charger is very slow. Made my own unit to recharge in 1/2 hour. fills up quickly. must clean after each room cleaning