MR. SIGA Soft Bristle Floor Brush

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MR. SIGA Soft Bristle Floor Brush is ranked number 6 of 10 Push Brooms


Bristles MaterialRubber
Adjustable HandleYes
Removable HeadYes
Weight1.1 lbs
Weight1.1 in


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of MR. SIGA Soft Bristle Floor Brush:

5 reasons to buy

  • This broom is quite effective against pet hair on carpets, because the bristles are sturdy and hard.
  • It is a tool suitable for pre-vacuum cleaning, because it picks up large hair so you don’t have to empty the canister of the vacuum too often.
  • What’s great about a rubber broom, is the fact that it easily picks up hair and curls it up into balls that are easy to remove afterwards.
  • The handle is telescopic, which means it retracts and expands easily by unscrewing the joint, and it gets up to 57 inches long.
  • There’s also a squeegee attached to one side of the head, making the broom suitable for cleaning up liquids.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Because of the nature of rubber, the broom isn’t suitable for hard floor types, it is simply too hard to drag it across these floors.
  • The broom isn’t suitable for other types of cleaning besides the removal of pet hair, because of the rubbery bristles.
  • Although it has a squeegee attached to it, it doesn’t do much because of how small it is.
  • The width of the head is just 12 inches, so it might work best on smaller areas.


The MR. SIGA Soft Bristle Floor brush is a great choice for carpet cleaning, because the rubber bristles really gets in and go deep. However, according to some buyers, it doesn’t actually live up to its name – it doesn’t have soft bristles, on the contrary they are actually a bit on the hard side, but that’s just an advantage if you want to clean up your carpets. The broom head is to the short side and just 12 inches wide, which means it works best for small areas. There are larger options out there, if you want one that works for this purpose. All in all, this is a good choice for those in need of a rubber broom, and it does particularly well on carpets.

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