O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface

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O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface is ranked number 8 of 10 Push Brooms


Bristles MaterialPlastic
Adjustable HandleNo
Removable HeadYes
Weight3.05 lbs
Weight3.05 in


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface:

4 reasons to buy

  • The O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface broom works on lots of surfaces, but does particularly well on large areas with few obstacles.
  • Because of an outer layer of fine bristles, it has no issues sweeping up fine dust particles as well as larger pieces of debris.
  • The broom is made of 80 percent recycled materials, which is a great advantage for those concerned about the environment.
  • Broom head locks into place with a double lock, to make sure it isn’t dislocated and/or loosened during use.

4 reasons not to buy

  • One element of concern is the handle, which according to some buyers isn’t sturdy enough to be used on a regular basis. Some saw it breaking because of the pressure applied to it, rendering the entire broom unusable.
  • While the 24-inch head makes it easy to sweep large areas, it doesn’t handle obstacles very well.
  • The Multi-Surface ability doesn’t work well on all surfaces. Especially rough surfaces with larger pieces of debris, which it struggles to sweep up.
  • It doesn’t do well with wet materials either, simply because the bristles are too soft to move them anywhere.


The O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface is a great choice for most surfaces, but is probably best used on smoother surfaces. The bristles are quite soft, which makes it able to pick up even small dust particles, but in return you’ll have to give up the ability to sweep some rough surfaces. Its 24-inch broom head makes sure you get around anywhere quickly and easily, and all in all this is a good choice for the patio, the garage, the workshop, and various other areas where the dust/dirt/debris is usually smaller and finer.

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