Prolux 7000

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Prolux 7000 is ranked number 18 of 32 Bagged Upright Vacuums


Bag Capacity0.5 gal
Power Rating12 amps
Cord Length30 ft
Automatic Cord RewindNo
Pet FriendlyNo
Detachable CanisterNo
Tools StorageOnboard
Weight19 lbs


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Prolux 7000:

5 reasons to buy

  • Most people praise its performance, and think the suction is powerful enough to get most types of jobs done.
  • Users like how easy it is to unpack, and the assembling is quick and easy as well.
  • Several users found this vacuum to be quiet, which is a nice feature, as it doesn’t disturb as much as louder vacuums.
  • Despite it being an upright vacuum, it comes with both an extension hose and extra attachments for added functionality. It is therefore more versatile than many other models.
  • Buyers like the LED lights in front, as it lights up the floor and makes it easier to spot any remains.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some users noted that the vacuum is mainly made of plastic parts, and some think it’s build quality is inadequate.
  • Some users pointed out that there aren’t many dealers available for spare parts, nor are there many authorized service centers available.
  • Since the vacuum isn’t able to lay completely flat without causing the rotating brush to lift up, you might not be able to get under all kinds of furniture with it.
  • Some users mention that this vacuum isn’t intended for picking up pet hair, as the hose, attachments, etc. clog after only a few uses.
  • Some buyers also thought the different attachments were a bit difficult to detach and attach.


The Prolux 7000 is liked by many users for being powerful and versatile, which makes it a great vacuum for everyday use. It is easy to assemble and works well on most floor types, and most users found it to be nice and quiet as well. It comes with some useful attachments as well, which is why it’s deemed versatile enough for most tasks in a regular home. It has LED lights in front as well, which is a nice feature for those dark areas underneath furniture or other places, where it might be difficult to see the dust. While most users are happy, some are a bit unsatisfied with their purchase. According to some buyers, the overall build quality seems inadequate, and some had issues with locating an authorized dealer or repairshop nearby. It doesn’t work well for picking up pet hair either, and the attachments might be a bit difficult to attach and detach. All in all, the Prolux 7000 is a great purchase for most home owners, especially those seeking a versatile vacuum with added functionality.

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