SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium

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SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium is ranked number 13 of 41 Bagged Canister Vacuums


Bag Capacity1.5 gal
Power Rating12 amps
Cord Length40 ft
Accessory StorageIntegrated
Weight15.9 lbs
Product Height14.8 in
Product Length23.2 in
Product Width15.5 in


Expert Reviews

84% based on 2 experts
  • 80 / 100 by Vacuum Wizard

    Vacuum Wizard gave a total score of 80.

  • 87 / 100 by Vacuum Cleaner Advisor

    Vacuum Cleaner Advisor gave a total score of 87.


During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium:

5 reasons to buy

  • Most buyers like the durability and size of the hose.
  • Many buyers found the suction to be very strong, with good performance.
  • Many buyers praised the quietness of the vacuum.
  • Most buyers like the self-propulsion of the vacuum which makes it easier to move.
  • Many buyers like how the vacuum does not make allergies act up.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some buyers found the performance on high pile carpet and rugs to be lacking.
  • Several buyers criticized the vacuum’s high price.
  • Some buyers found the vaccuum hard work to operate, due to its heaviness.
  • Some buyers say the vacuum is almost too simple, and requires to much manual intervention.
  • Several buyers said the vacuum scuffs easily.


The SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium is highly priced, but buyers tend to like it. Many buyers appreciated the durability of its hose, and also liked the van’s quietness. Furthermore, most buyers found the vacuum’s suction to be pretty strong on most surfaces. However, several buyers criticized the vacuum’s high price, and some found the vacuum to be difficult to operate, especially for the elderly. Despite the negatives, the vacuum’s positives to buyers seem to outweigh the negatives.

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