Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX IF281

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Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX IF281 is ranked number 24 of 36 Stick Vacuums


Dust Cup Capacity0.09 gal
Cord Length-- ft
Battery TypeLi-Ion
Removable BatteryYes
Max. Battery Run Time80 mins
Detachable Hand VacuumYes
Height45.9 in
Weight8.7 lbs


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX IF281:

5 reasons to buy

  • This stick vacuum features an extra swivel (hence the “MultiFLEX”-part of the name), which makes it able to reach under furniture without you having to bend down to an uncomfortable position.
  • The added flexibility of the wand makes it possible to fold the vacuum, and store it in a more compact form.
  • The battery is removable, and you’ll get an extra battery included as standard. It also includes a charging dock, so you can charge your battery separately.
  • Although it has a few extra features, the vacuum is still very light and easy to handle.
  • According to several users, this vacuums versatility makes it a great all-in-one vacuum. Perfect for small houses, apartments, the RV, etc.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The floor brush is a bit narrow, and therefore not as efficient as other vacuums.
  • Some buyers found the run time on highest power setting a bit disappointing, as it only gave appx. 10 minutes on each battery.
  • While the vacuum includes a spare battery, it comes with a charging station for just one battery, meaning you have to take out the first battery, and insert the second battery every time they need a recharge.
  • In order to empty the dust bin, you have to detach it first and then open the lidt. This adds an extra impractical step, compared to models where its contents is easily ejected through the bottom by just one pull/press of a button.
  • Some users aren’t satisfied with the accessories, which they believe is of a lower quality than expected by a vacuum at this price level.


The Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX IF281 is packed with features, and some of them are quite innovative as well. Take the MultiFLEX wand as an example of useful innovation: The wand has an extra joint, which bends and makes it easy to get underneath any type of furniture. The powerhead even has LED lights, and in general the users like how versatile it is. It also has an extra battery included as standard, but potential buyers should be aware of the single battery charging station, which means you’ll have to change the batteries yourself, if you want them both fully recharged all the time. It has an impractical dust bin a well, which needs to be detached from the vacuum in order to empty its contents. It doesn’t have as many accessories included as other vacuums in this price level, but unless you’re hooked on the MultiFLEX wand, you could probably find a few better options in this price range or even cheaper.

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