Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601

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Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601 is ranked number 9 of 14 Steam Mops


Water Tank Capacity16.9 oz
Pad MaterialMicrofiber
Cord Length22 ft
Detachable Hand UnitNo
Weight4.85 lbs


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601:

5 reasons to buy

  • Buyers like how fast it heats up and becomes ready to use, which is convenient when you want to get the cleaning done quickly.
  • There’s a triangular and a rectangular mop head included, as well two pads (one for each), so you can get into each corner with this mop.
  • It is very lightweight, and as such it is easy and convenient to use on a regular basis.
  • Although the water tank isn’t detachable, it fills up easily and there’s even a filling flask included in the package.
  • Users like how well it cleans up most types of grime and dirt on the floor, and it works for most floor types.

5 reasons not to buy

  • According to multiple buyers, some of the steam seems to escape from the sides and the top of the mop head. So the mop gets emptied quicker, and isn’t nearly as efficient as it should be.
  • Unlike other steam mops, this model isn’t able to stand on its own. So you’ll either have to lay it on the floor or support it against a wall/furniture, but it doesn’t stand up well even when supported.
  • Some users miss additional attachments for different floor types, such as one for grouts and crevices. The mop pads doesn’t really get into these.
  • The build quality could be improved too, there has been some reviews stating that it breaks quickly and easily, especially if it’s being used frequently.
  • The pads included don’t seem to get clean after being washed, and some users fear it will start streaking after short periods of use.


The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is a handy steam mop for those seeking a versatile yet lightweight unit for cleaning of their floors. It comes with two mop heads and two pads, which can be turned around and have both an all-purpose side and a brush side. It is easy to refill, and users seem to agree that it does a great job on most floor types. However, there have been some reviews stating that not all the steam get to the floor, because some of it seems to escape through the sides and the top of the mop head. It doesn’t stand on its own either, not even if supported against a wall or furniture. It is also said to be a bit fragile, so if you’re expecting to use it frequently and for demanding tasks, you would probably benefit from choosing a more expensive alternative. However, for general use in a regular house, this steam mop could very likely be a great choice.

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