Shop-Vac All Around Plus E87S450

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Shop-Vac All Around Plus E87S450 is ranked number 21 of 27 Wet/Dry Vacuums


Tank Capacity4 gal
Cord Length18 ft
Accessory StorageOnboard
Weight16.75 lbs
Product Height15.5 in
Product Length16.5 in
Product Width13 in


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Shop-Vac All Around Plus E87S450:

5 reasons to buy

  • While this Shop-Vac isn’t among the heavy duty models, most users like it for what it is: A simple, lowcost and easy to use vacuum, that works for must purposes around the house.
  • The vacuum is said to be both light and compact enough to be pulled around the house, and the castors roll easily across most types of surfaces.
  • While the replaceable bag is optional, it works well if you want to keep dust particles from spreading across the room while fty vacuuming.
  • The included attachments make the vacuum highly versatile, and most of them are able to be stored in the large onboard storage bin at the back of the vacuum.
  • Like many other wet/dry vacuums, it features a blower port too. This makes it able to blow dirt, dust and other kinds of debris away from any area you want to clean without necessarily picking everything up.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The capacity is significantly lowered when used as a wet vac, and according to some users it shuts itself off after being filles with just 1-2 gallons of liquids.
  • While most users like the open storage bin, some users have issues with attachments falling out during use. This might be the case if you run it over an uneven surface, but on most floors this might not be a problem.
  • There is no storage for the hose on this vacuum, which means it must be stored separately on a hanger or a reel, or simply on the floor.
  • Due to the way it’s designed and how the filter is located, it might pose a bit of a challenge to empty and clean it out, especially since the filter needs to be brushed off frequently. Otherwise the suction will quickly decrease.
  • Some users thought the top clamps were a bit loose, which means the lid didn’t feel completely secured as it should be.


The Shop-Vac All Around Plus E87S450 is a handy wet/dry vacuum, with a capacity of 4 gallons in its tank. It has the option to use dust bags if you want to retain more dust particles within the canister, but if this isn’t relevant, you can use it without the bags as well. This is great because it makes the vacuum useful for many different tasks, although it doesn’t hold more than 1-2 gallons of liquids, before reaching capacity. This is caused by the internal design, where a safety mechanism turns the vacuum off automatically, after the liquids inside reach a specific level. Most users like how light and compact the vacuum is, and it is also said to be quite user friendly. It has a lot of attachments included as standard, which makes it a highly versatile vacuum, suitable for many different tasks. Unfortunately the storage bin allows the attachments to shift around and fall out if the vacuum rolls over a bumpy surface, or if it’s slightly tilted while carrying it. It doesn’t have any storage point for the hose, which means it has to be stored separately. All in all, this is actually a shop vacuum, but due to its size it is mostly recommended for occasional use in an ordinary household, where it’s useful for many different tasks around the home. With its reasonable price, it is definitely worth considering for those seeking a robust and efficient wet/dry vacuum.

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