Weiler 44601 Palmyra Fiber Pro-Flex Sweep

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Weiler 44601 Palmyra Fiber Pro-Flex Sweep is ranked number 10 of 10 Push Brooms


Bristles MaterialPlastic
Adjustable HandleNo
Removable HeadYes
Weight3 lbs
Weight3 in


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During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Weiler 44601 Palmyra Fiber Pro-Flex Sweep:

4 reasons to buy

  • This is a classic. Wooden handle, wooden head, and bristles made of palmyra fiber.
  • Users love how durable this broom is, even the attachment point between the handle and head is quite sturdy.
  • The coarse bristles makes it easy to sweep all sorts of messes, and there’s even a few buyers using it professionally for demolition and construction business.
  • Buyers found it easy to assemble, making them able to get started sweeping quickly and easily.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Due to its nature, it isn’t perfectly suitable for use indoors. Only in workshops or in garages, where the floors are presumably raw concrete or similar.
  • The broom is a bit heavier then other models, and because it’s made of wood it won’t hold up if it’s kept outdoors.
  • The size isn’t the best at handling lots of obstacles, because it’s simply too wide to get in between them.


This durable push broom is a great choice for any type of workshop, garage, basement, construction sites, and much more. The hard bristles makes it able to sweep all sorts of dirt and debris, but it also has its limitations. It won’t work well indoors on wooden floors or similar, and it doesn’t do well if there’s too many obstacles either. But for a large mess inside or outside, this broom definitely holds up to its promises. Because it’s made of wood it weighs a bit more than cheaper alternatives made of aluminum or plastic, but this also means it is more durable and requires less pressure when sweeping.

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