109 Best Bagless Upright Vacuums of May 2022

Find the 109 best bagless upright vacuums, based on 77 reviews

  1. 1.

    Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

    100 % 2 reviews
  2. 2.

    Dirt Devil Power Max XL UD70181

    100 % 1 review
  3. 3.

    Eureka NEU192 PowerSpeed Pro Swivel

    100 % 1 review
  4. 4.

    Eureka AirSpeed Pro ALL SURFACE Rewind AS1092A

    100 % 2 reviews
  5. 5.

    Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed

    100 % 0 review
  6. 6.

    Shark APEX DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed

    100 % 1 review
  7. 7.

    Bissell CleanView Swivel Pet 2316

    100 % 1 review
  8. 8.

    Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet

    95 % 2 reviews
  9. 9.

    Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable UH72400

    94 % 2 reviews
  10. 10.

    Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed

    91 % 2 reviews
  11. 11.

    Shark Navigator Professional

    91 % 1 review
  12. 12.

    Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus UH70120

    89 % 4 reviews
  13. 13.

    Dirt Devil Breeze Cyclonic UD70105

    88 % 1 review
  14. 14.

    Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor

    87 % 2 reviews
  15. 15.

    Shark Navigator Freestyle

    83 % 2 reviews
  16. 16.

    Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed

    82 % 3 reviews
  17. 17.

    Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean

    81 % 2 reviews
  18. 18.

    Dyson Ball Animal 2

    81 % 2 reviews
  19. 19.

    Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor

    80 % 2 reviews
  20. 20.

    Bissell CleanView with OnePass Technology 1330

    80 % 1 review
  21. 21.

    Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe

    80 % 1 review
  22. 22.

    Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away

    80 % 1 review
  23. 23.

    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A

    80 % 1 review
  24. 24.

    Bissell Powerglide Cordless 1534

    80 % 1 review
  25. 25.

    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro 22814

    80 % 1 review
  26. 26.

    Hoover WindTunnel 3 High Performance Pet UH72630PC

    79 % 2 reviews
  27. 27.

    Bissell CleanView 9595A

    77 % 4 reviews
  28. 28.

    Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy

    76 % 3 reviews
  29. 29.

    Hoover REACT Professional Pet Plus UH73220PC

    75 % 2 reviews
  30. 30.

    Hoover WindTunnel 3 High Performance UH72600

    69 % 2 reviews
  31. 31.

    Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed

    60 % 2 reviews
  32. 32.

    Bissell PowerSwift Lightweight Compact 18082

    60 % 1 review
  33. 33.

    Dirt Devil Dash Cyclonic UD70250B

    58 % 1 review
  34. 34.

    Bissell Powerlifter Swivel Rewind Pet 2259

    52 % 5 reviews
  35. 35.

    Hoover REACT QuickLift UH73301

    50 % 2 reviews
  36. 36.

    Hoover Whole House Elite UH71230

    30 % 2 reviews
  37. 37.

    Dirt Devil Power Express UD20120

    27 % 3 reviews
  38. 38.

    Dirt Devil Power Max Rewind Pet UD70187

    20 % 3 reviews
  39. 39.

    Dirt Devil Power Flex Pet UD70169

    20 % 1 review
  40. 40.

    Kenmore 31220 Pet-Friendly CrossOver Max

    20 % 1 review
  41. 41.

    Bissell CleanView Lift-Off Pet 2043U

    20 % 1 review
  42. 42.

    Bissell Powerlifter Swivel Pet 2260

    20 % 3 reviews
  43. 43.

    Dirt Devil Power Max Pet UD70167P

    0 % 0 review
  44. 44.

    Dirt Devil Pro Power XL Pet UD70185

    0 % 0 review
  45. 45.

    Dirt Devil Power Max UD70163

    0 % 0 review
  46. 46.

    Dirt Devil Direct Power UD70164

    0 % 0 review
  47. 47.

    Dirt Devil Quick-Lite Plus Cyclonic UD20015

    0 % 0 review
  48. 48.

    Dirt Devil Endura Max UD70174

    0 % 0 review
  49. 49.

    Eureka NEU188 PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight

    0 % 0 review
  50. 50.

    Eureka NEU562 FloorRover Versatile

    0 % 0 review
  51. 51.

    Eureka AS3008A AirSpeed EXACT Reach

    0 % 0 review
  52. 52.

    Eureka AS4008A AirSpeed Ultra

    0 % 0 review
  53. 53.

    Eureka AS3030A AirSpeed UNLIMITED Rewind

    0 % 0 review
  54. 54.

    Eureka AS2113A AirSpeed ONE

    0 % 0 review
  55. 55.

    Eureka AS2130A AirSpeed ONE Pet

    0 % 0 review
  56. 56.

    Eureka AS1095A Professional

    0 % 0 review
  57. 57.

    Eureka AS3352A Ultimate Clean

    0 % 0 review
  58. 58.

    Eureka 439AZ Pet Lover Oh!

    0 % 0 review
  59. 59.

    Eureka AS3104A Suction Seal Pet

    0 % 0 review
  60. 60.

    Eureka WhirlWind Rewind 4242A

    0 % 0 review
  61. 61.

    Bissell CleanView 2486

    0 % 0 review
  62. 62.

    Bissell CleanView Swivel Pet 2252

    0 % 0 review
  63. 63.

    Bissell CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet 22543

    0 % 0 review
  64. 64.

    Hoover REACT Powered Reach Plus UH73510

    0 % 0 review
  65. 65.

    Hoover REACT UH73100

    0 % 0 review
  66. 66.

    Hoover REACT Powered Reach Lite UH73400

    0 % 0 review
  67. 67.

    Hoover REACT Powered Reach Premier Pet UH73551

    0 % 0 review
  68. 68.

    Hoover Total Home Pet UH74100

    0 % 0 review
  69. 69.

    Hoover PowerDrive Pet UH74210PC

    0 % 0 review
  70. 70.

    Hoover PowerDrive UH74205

    0 % 0 review
  71. 71.

    Shark Navigator Deluxe

    0 % 0 review
  72. 72.

    Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind UH71250

    0 % 0 review
  73. 73.

    Dyson Ball Multi Floor

    0 % 0 review
  74. 74.

    Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Pet UH72405PC

    0 % 0 review
  75. 75.

    Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro UH70905

    0 % 0 review
  76. 76.

    Hoover Air Lift Light UH72540

    0 % 0 review
  77. 77.

    Hoover WindTunnel 3 High Performance Pet UH72635

    0 % 0 review
  78. 78.

    Hoover Rewind UH71013

    0 % 0 review
  79. 79.

    Hoover React Powered QuickLift UH73410

    0 % 0 review
  80. 80.

    Hoover REACT UH73105PC

    0 % 0 review
  81. 81.

    Hoover Air Lift Deluxe Pet UH72511

    0 % 0 review
  82. 82.

    Kenmore 10135 Pet-Friendly Progressive

    0 % 0 review
  83. 83.

    Kenmore CJUBL1

    0 % 0 review
  84. 84.

    Kenmore CJUBL2

    0 % 0 review
  85. 85.

    Kenmore Elite 31230 Pet-Friendly CrossOver Ultra

    0 % 0 review
  86. 86.

    Shark APEX DuoClean

    0 % 0 review
  87. 87.

    Shark Navigator Zero-M Lift-Away Speed

    0 % 0 review
  88. 88.

    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off 2087

    0 % 0 review
  89. 89.

    Bissell PowerGlide 2215

    0 % 0 review
  90. 90.

    Bissell PowerGlide Lift-Off Pet Plus 2043

    0 % 0 review
  91. 91.

    Bissell CleanView Rewind Deluxe 1819

    0 % 0 review
  92. 92.

    Bissell Powerlifter Pet Rewind 1792

    0 % 0 review
  93. 93.

    Bissell AeroSwift Compact 1009

    0 % 0 review
  94. 94.

    Bissell AeroSwift Compact 10091

    0 % 0 review
  95. 95.

    Bissell CleanView & Pet Hair Eraser Bundle B0075

    0 % 0 review
  96. 96.

    Bissell CleanView 1831

    0 % 0 review
  97. 97.

    Bissell CleanView Complete Rewind 1319

    0 % 0 review
  98. 98.

    Bissell CleanView Deluxe Rewind 1322

    0 % 0 review
  99. 99.

    Bissell CleanView Plus Rewind 1332

    0 % 0 review
  100. 100.

    Bissell CleanView Plus Rewind 1825

    0 % 0 review
  101. 101.

    Bissell CleanView Plus 1822

    0 % 0 review
  102. 102.

    Bissell CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet Deluxe 2258

    0 % 0 review
  103. 103.

    Bissell CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet 2256

    0 % 0 review
  104. 104.

    Bissell Momentum Pet Rewind 1792P

    0 % 0 review
  105. 105.

    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 2281

    0 % 0 review
  106. 106.

    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro 2281K

    0 % 0 review
  107. 107.

    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo 2475

    0 % 0 review
  108. 108.

    Bissell PowerClean Swivel Rewind Pet 2256K

    0 % 0 review
  109. 109.

    Bissell PowerEase Swivel Rewind Pet 2253

    0 % 0 review

Top 5 comparison

Eureka NEU192 PowerSpeed Pro SwivelBissell CleanView Swivel Pet 2316Eureka AirSpeed Pro ALL SURFACE Rewind AS1092AEureka NEU182A PowerSpeedDyson Ball Multi Floor 2
(1 reviews)
(1 reviews)
(2 reviews)
(0 reviews)
(2 reviews)
Dirt Cup Capacity1.08 gal0.26 gal-- gal1.1 gal0.55 gal
Power Rating2 amps8 amps12 amps-- amps-- amps
Cord Length30 ft25 ft27 ft25 ft31 ft
Automatic Cord RewindNoNoYesNoNo
Pet FriendlyNoYesNoNoNo
Detachable CanisterNoNoNoNoNo
Tools StorageOnboardOnboardOnboardOnboardOnboard
Weight11 lbs14.5 lbs19.8 lbs10 lbs15.6 lbs

No More Vacuum Bags

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum and want to know more about the pros and cons of getting a bagless upright vacuum, this guide is here to help you learn. The upright vacuum is considered a traditional vacuum and comes with or without bags, but many people consider bagless models the best ones on the market. This guide is for the bagless models. For people that want to be more environmentally conscious, having a bagless vacuum might be a great idea. The upright vacuum is a great choice as it typically has more suction power and a wider cleaning path, compared to other types of vacuums. So what are some of the things you should be looking for before you decide which model to buy? In this guide we’ll take you around some of the most important things to consider, before choosing a bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

How Does the Bagless Upright Vacuum Work?

Bagless upright vacuums are considered one of the best vacuum models out there for demanding households. Most of them work well for both carpeted floors, hard wood floors, and everything in between, and due to the bagless design, it is a very attractive choice for those in demand of frequent cleaning, e.g. pet owners, allergics, or those with large homes. The bagless upright vacuum cleaner comes in different designs, but for most models this is how its different parts are divided:
  1. The handle makes steering easy, and this is usually where the on/off switch is located.
  2. Directly attached to the handle you’ll find the upright canister, which contains the motor and dust bin. Some models have an internal storage for the retractable cord and some of the attachments, but usually these are stored externally.
  3. Below the canister you’ll find the floor piece, which on many models is attached to the dust bin and motor through an external hose. This is quite clever, because the hose can be detached and used with different types of attachments, e.g. crevice tool, upholstery tool, etc.
Most people know how this type of vacuum cleaner works, since it’s the preferred type among most private households. In contrary to the canister vacuums, it’s designed to be pushed in front of you, rather than being dragged behind you. This makes it considerably easier to use it on most types of floors, but it might struggle a bit when maneuvering sharp corners or narrow spaces. It is a bit heavier to handle due to its design, but there are lighter models available for those in need of a more compact version. Some even have a detachable canister, which makes it possible to easily carry it on stairs, or to the car. There are a few cordless models as well, but if you need an upright vacuum with enough power to clean an entire house, you’d probably want a corded model.

Things to Consider Before Choosing:

Since the bagless upright vacuum is considered one of the best vacuum types by many people, there’s a very large selection of different makes and models available on the market. The features and price varies greatly from model to model, and you don’t necessarily have to buy one of the most expensive models, to meet your needs. Below are some of the most important features to consider, if you’re in the market for a bagless upright vacuum:
  • Dust bin capacity: Since it’s bagless, it’ll come with a bin for the dirt. Look for one that’s easy to empty and has a large bin, so you don’t have to empty multiple times during cleaning. But make it a habit to empty whenever you finish cleaning, as it’ll keep the filters nicer and lasting longer.
  • Best attachments: Extension hose and narrow tool to get to those out of reach places and up higher without having to lift your vacuum. An upholstery brush is useful to vacuum furniture and other fabrics in your house.
  • HEPA filters: High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) – is a filter that traps a large number of tiny particles that other vacuum cleaners would recirculate back in the air. For people that suffer from allergies, using a HEPA filter is definitely recommended.
  • Cord length: Most Upright vacuums come with power cords, which makes them more powerful than ones with batteries. Look for one with a longer cord to avoid having to change outlet more than necessary!
  • Accessory storage: Many upright vacuums come with the accessories attached to the base of the vacuum, which makes it super handy and easy to get to if you need to change the attachment while vacuuming. If it does not come attached, an idea would be to designate a box somewhere for the attachments, so you don’t misplace or lose them.
  • Weight and dimensions: The upright vacuum is one of the heavier ones, but since you don’t have to lift it, that doesn’t really matter. They average around 20 lbs. and the height is adjustable which is a major plus for taller people or if you suffer from back problems and want to avoid bending down while vacuuming.
  • Price range: The price range for a bagless upright vacuum is between $100-$500. The range is very wide as there are so many options out there, but you can most definitely get a nice vacuum in the lower end of that range. The more expensive vacuums will most likely have more functions and gadgets as well as real HEPA filters.

Pros and Cons of a Bagless Upright Vacuum

While bagless upright vacuums are great at many things, it does have a few disadvantages as well. Below are some of its most important advantages and disadvantages listed:


  • No need to bend down while cleaning
  • More suction power than cordless
  • Great on most surfaces
  • Wider brush = wider cleaning path


  • Can be loud
  • Can be quite heavy
  • Power cords are not always handy
  • Can sometimes be harder to maneuver around and underneath furniture.

What to Expect of a Bagless Upright Vacuum?

The bagless upright vacuum is a great choice for those in search of a versatile, and user friendly vacuum cleaner. Not only does it stand in an upright position on its own, it doesn't need bag replacements, and is therefore very cost efficient. Bags can be quite expensive and hard to find some times, but with a bagless vacuum cleaner you just have to detach the canister and empty it in the garbage can. As simple as that. Most upright vacuums come with a detachable hose, which is useful for those hard-to-reach places, e.g. underneath furniture, shelves, the couch, and everything above the floor level. The upright vacuum itself is usually equipped with a rotating brush, which helps pick up dust and debris from carpets, by lifting and dividing the carpet fibres, to gain access to those things nestled among them. While most bagless upright vacuums are quite easy to use, the noise level is considered high by most people. With great power comes noise, which is usually the case with vacuum cleaners of this type. The bagless construction means the canister can't be isolated the same way as bagged models are, but some models manage to have a decent noise level anyways, due to the way they are designed. You shouldn't expect your bagless upright vacuum to be completely silent, though. But for most people, this is a feasible trade off, since it is quite powerful and efficient for most purposes.

Facts About Bagless Upright Vacuums

Why is the bagless upright vacuum considered one of the best types for private households? Does it need any kind of regular maintenance? Is it suitable for pet owners? Find the answers below.

What makes the bagless upright vacuum a great choice?

There are many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is the bagless canister. Instead of a bag it features a dust bin, which is detachable and easily emptied into a garbage can. The upright design makes it able to stand on its own, so you can easily pause and resume the vacuuming, without having to bend down and pick the handle from the floor. Simply let go of it and turn it off whenever you need it, and the vacuum will remain standing on its own, until you’re ready to resume. All in all, the user friendliness is the key selling point of the bagless upright vacuum.

Is it true, that it doesn’t need any regular maintenance?

Unfortunately this is not true. Though the canister is bagless, and therefore doesn’t need regular bag replacements, you still have to keep the filters clean and go through the system from time to time to remove hair and other things, that tend to get stuck along its way to the dust bin. It is still quite low maintenance though, and you don’t have to buy expensive vacuum bags regularly. A few minutes of maintenance every month might suffice, which for most people is quite feasible.

Is the bagless upright vacuum a good choice for pet owners?

The bagless upright vacuum is considered one of the best choices for pet owners. This is due to its design and the way it works, as it is simple yet powerful. This makes for an efficient mixture, and hair is easily picked up from both carpets and hard floors. Even though your pets shed a lot of hair, the bagless design makes it a very economic choice. Just empty the dust bin directly into the garbage whenever it fills up, and you’re ready to continue vacuuming shortly after.

What about the elderly - are they able to use this type of vacuum?

While the bagless upright vacuums aren’t among the lightest models out there, it is definitely easy to use for the elderly. Its upright position makes it very easy to handle for those with back problems, and it is easily pushed in front of you. Whenever you need to let go of it, you simply let it go, and it will stand on its own. This feature makes it a great choice for both elderly and those with various types of physical problems, as there are no need to bend or lift it during use.

Is the bagless upright vacuum suitable for carpets?

Yes. Most bagless upright vacuums are among the best for carpeted areas, because the floor piece usually features a rotating brush, which makes sure carpet fibres are divided to easier pick up dust and dirt between them. There are a bit of difference between the models though, so you should perhaps consider investing a bit more, if you’re specifically in the market for an upright vacuum for carpets. The cheapest models might not suffice, as they are less powerful and perhaps not as efficient as some of the more expensive ones.

Should I choose a compact upright vacuum?

It highly depends on your needs. If your house is not that big, e.g. 1,000 square feet, a compact upright vacuum is a great choice. Even a stick vacuum might be enough for you. You don’t necessarily need a big powerful vacuum, if you live in a small home, especially not if your floors are mainly wood or tiles.