5 Tools That Literally Suck

Growing up, one of the things I dreaded the most was when my parents asked me to vacuum. I would almost do anything else just to avoid that task. But now as an adult and a parent with a messy child, I have learned to appreciate my vacuum for what it is: a GREAT helper! Most newer vacuums come with multiple attachments, and knowing how and where to use the different tools is key to getting optimal use out of your vacuum. Here’s a list of the most common and useful attachments, and how you can get the best use out of them.

#1 Crevice Tool

This is one of the most used attachments because it’s able to access smaller spaces where a normal vacuum head won’t reach. It’s thin and narrow and meant for all corners and hard crevices like the baseboards and other places where dirt tends to build up. If you have sliding doors, you’ll know how dirty the rails get. The crevice tool is the perfect attachment for this.  After vacuuming the loose dirt, simply wipe down the rail with a wet cloth.

#2 Upholstery Brush

This attachment is meant to clean dust and dirt out of upholstery. The bristles on the upholstery brush is meant to loosen any hair or dirt stuck in the fibers of whatever fabric you are trying to clean. You can use it to clean anything from couches to curtains and it is the perfect tool for pet owners.

#3 Dusting Brush

This round tool with long soft bristles is meant to help you clean the more delicate areas of your home. The soft bristles are meant to not leave any scratches so this tool is perfect for places like lampshades, blinds, windowsills, framed art, drawers and bookcases.

#4 Hard Floor Brush

This attachment is a wide tool that turns your vacuum into an electric broom. The fine bristles are meant to help loosen dirt that might be stuck, and at the same time not scratch your floors. Some older models or canister vacuums won’t have the hard floor brush as a separate attachment, but instead it’ll most likely have a switch that will pop out the brush from the already attached head of the vacuum.

#5 Powerhead

This attachment is meant for carpeted floors or area rugs. The beater bar is meant to be able to loosen and dig out any dirt hidden in the fibers of the carpet. This is also the easiest and best tool to vacuum carpeted stairs and it leaves nice clean lines in the carpet, keeping them looking clean and fresh every time!