Why Vacuuming Stairs Doesn’t Have to Suck

Vacuuming stairs might seem like one of the harder places to clean, but with a reliable vacuum and the right attachments, it might not be as bad as you think! Whether they’re carpeted or not doesn’t make much of a difference, it just means the attachment you use might be different. Simply follow these three easy steps for the most efficient way to clean your stairs!

Step 1

First thing you will need is a vacuum. Most cordless vacuums come with detachable parts that when removing can turn your vacuum into a dust buster. This will be the most effective tool for vacuuming carpeted and/or non-carpeted stairs. If you don’t own a cordless vacuum and purchasing one isn’t in your budget, a dust buster might just be what you’re looking for. There are some cheap (but great) options out there, most of them in the price range $25-$100.

Step 2

Before you begin vacuuming the stairs, you might consider cleaning the railings and stair spindles as they collect a lot of dust and dirt. Use a soft cloth to wipe down, beginning at the top and working your way down.

Step 3

Let’s begin! Start from the top of your stairs and work your way down, using the long and narrow attachment for all corners, edges and crevices of each step. When all dirt has been removed from the corners, start over from the top again using a turbo brush attachment, mini motorized tool or just the normal wide brush on your canister vacuum. Vacuum each step from the top until you reach the bottom. Repeat if necessary, especially if your stairs are carpeted!